Data: Disasters, Displacement, and Synchronized Baptisms

Sources: Various

  1. Wonder how often a major earthquake, tsunami, or volcanic eruption happens? See the Days Since Incident dashboard (via Justin Long). Fun, in a dark sort of way, if you live in a region bracing for the next “Big One.”
  2. Did you know the number of internally displaced people has grown 50% in the last five years? So says the International Displacement Centre in a recent report. That’s a new record and reflects a lot of people in need; more than 75 million. How can we respond?
  3. More than 12,000 people were baptized over two days in what Baptize California organizers say is America’s largest baptism ever. They also announced plans for another event, Baptize America, scheduled for Pentecost Sunday, 2025. Look for a variety of reports online.

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