Book: A Creative Olympic Games Devotional for Families

Source: MobilizerMom

Today, children are learning about different faith traditions at school and are meeting people from different places more than ever before. Christian families around the world can easily use the excitement for the Summer Olympic Games to engage their children with God’s heart! This family devotional is for Christian families who want to learn about different places around the world but want to see those peoples and cultures through a Christ-centered, gospel-focused lens.

The 50-page Olympic Family Devotional includes:

  • Engaging, scripture-based reflections that connect Olympic themes with biblical principles.
  • Thought-provoking prompts to foster meaningful family conversations.
  • Fun, faith-building activities that bring your family closer together.
  • Daily prayers to guide and uplift your family throughout the Olympic season.

Purchase from Amazon for US$4.99 ($2.99 for the Kindle edition). You can also sign up for bonus content.For something a bit simpler, see a four-day family devotional and fun links to take your kids on a virtual trip to France.

7 Simple Travel Hacks for Traveling With God

Source: The Navigators

Editor’s Note: Apologies to our readers in the southern hemisphere where summer is now a memory. Have winter travels planned? These tips may still be apt.

Would you like to deepen your connection with God while you travel this summer?

Try these seven travel hacks for spending time with God during your summer adventures in this free resource, Travel Hacks for Traveling with God.

Use these simple ideas of connecting with God that incorporate things you already do when you travel: pack, enjoy a beautiful view, spend time with others, take lots of photos, etc. Let go of your everyday routines when you’re away from home and discover how God is with you always.

Read Travel Hacks for Traveling with God. Maybe you want to share them with a group or a friend you’re discipling, too.

Your Pastor’s Perspective, Global Emotions, 30 Days of Praise

  1. Article: Get Your Pastor’s Perspective
  2. 10 Globally Inspired Recipes for Your Family’s Table
  3. Download: Grab Your 30-Day Praise Calendar
  4. Article: God Doesn’t Waste Gifts in Missions
  5. Data: What Is the World’s Emotional Temperature?
  6. Events: Missions Conferences and More in July & August

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Article: Get Your Pastor’s Perspective

Source: Catalyst Services Postings, June 20, 2024

It’s summer for those in the Northern Hemisphere, and while many regular programs are paused, church leaders are looking ahead and beginning to plan for the coming ministry year. This makes it a great time for your global outreach team to invite your pastor to engage in a discussion around your congregation’s missions impact.

This month’s Postings offers nine questions for productive interaction to identify what God is doing and how you could work better together.

Read the article.

Just getting started (or starting over) with a strategy to engage your church for global ministry? Read 5 Steps Toward Global Engagement, also from Catalyst Services.

10 Globally Inspired Recipes for Your Family’s Table

Source: Via Family, June 18, 2020

As you taste these new foods, take some time to learn about the people and places they represent. Then pray together as a family for these people groups to come to know Jesus as Savior.

  1. Buckwheat Pancakes
  2. Nian Gao, Sticky Rice Cakes
  3. Chai Tea  
  4. Draniki, Easy Potato Pancakes 
  5. Simsim, Sesame Candy 
  6. Meni-meniyong, Sesame Seed and Honey Sticks  
  7. Salatu Niebe, Black-Eyed Pea Salad  
  8. LLajua, Bolivian Hot Sauce  
  9. Oven Baked Plantains
  10. Pacoca, Peanut Candy 

Did you know that your family can participate in bringing the hope of Jesus to unreached people groups by learning about them and interceding on their behalf? Here are three tips for learning about unreached people groups as a family:

  • Locate where they live on a world map.
  • Learn about their way of life.
  • Learn what they believe.

Read the article. It has links to profiles of unreached people groups from regions where these recipes are enjoyed.

Also from Via Families, see the six-week study Parenting With a Global Vision and other resources.

Download: Grab Your 30-Day Praise Calendar

Source: Navigators, June 11, 2024

Does your heart need to be reminded of how God is much bigger than the circumstances you face?

Praising God can be that reminder and it may reduce stress.

In 30 Prayers of Praise to God, you’ll receive 30 Bible verses with corresponding prayers to make the next month of praising God a simple rhythm you could use every day.

Download 30 Days of Praise to God; no registration required. It’s one of the many great discipleship tools this ministry freely shares. And it may be just what you (or a friend) will need in the next month.

Article: God Doesn’t Waste Gifts in Missions

Source: Global Frontier Missions, June 12, 2024

Growing up, I knew I was going to be a missionary. Did I know what that actually meant? Absolutely not.

My bookshelf was filled with stories of missionaries from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Their dedication and pioneering spirit continue to inspire me. But as I took steps in my own missionary journey, I began to learn that God equipped me for a different type of ministry.

My childhood idea of a missionary included mud huts, canoes, and malaria. I earned the rank of Eagle Scout to prepare myself for such a rugged environment. If backcountry skills were needed to reach the lost with the gospel, I was fully prepared.

Upon arriving at Missionary Training School, I quickly learned that my concept of missions was incredibly narrow. Remote villages without access to the gospel are abundant, but even more so are globalized cities home to millions of souls lacking that same access. Rugged, pioneering spirits are still needed, but in our modern world that is far from the only skillset valuable in missions.

Read more.

See also The Two Most Common Questions in Missions (also from GFM).

Data: What Is the World’s Emotional Temperature?

Source: Gallup, June 25, 2024

Think about how you felt yesterday. Did you smile or laugh a lot? Did you learn or do something interesting? Were you angry? Sad?

Download Gallup’s Global Emotions 2024 report to see the latest global data on how people in 100 countries experience emotions like loneliness, stress, respect, and more. Among other things, the latest report suggests “negative emotions” have dropped for the first time in a decade.

You can also engage with the data through an interactive webpage comparing various countries.

Another global study reports that “news avoidance” is now at record high levels (Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, via BBC). Could the two be related?

Events: Missions Conferences and More in July & August

Source: Missions Catalyst Events Calendar


July 8-9, Support Raising Bootcamp (Orlando, FL USA). Provided by Via, formerly Support Raising Solutions. More classes held around the world throughout the year.

July 8 to August 3, COMPASS (Palmer Lake, CO, USA). Language and culture acquisition provided by Missionary Training International.

July 11, Jesus on the Everyday Road (online). Learn simple ways to transform ordinary conversations. Training event from AllNations.

July 13, True Spirituality: Foster Care and Adoption (online). Training event from AllNations.

July 15-17, Crisis Management Seminar (Auburn, AL, USA). Provided by Crisis Consulting International. Following this event, on July 18, they will hold a one-day security workshop for short-term mission trip leaders at the same location.

July 15-19, Storytelling Training (online). Get hands-on experience with oral Bible storytelling with five three-hour sessions provided by Story Runners.

July 17, Dangerous Places, Difficult Regions: Do We Still Go? (online). A peer2peer virtual event for church mission leaders provided by Missio Nexus.

July 17-20, Perspectives USA 50th Anniversary Global Conference (Chicago, IL, USA). All are welcome.

July 19-24, New Wilmington Mission Conference (New Wilmington, PA, USA). Annual, week-long multi-generational mission conference; a tradition for more than 100 years.

July 21-26, Debrief Retreat (Union Mills, NC, USA). Provided by the Center for Intercultural Training.

July 21-28, Wake (Boundary Waters Canoe Area, MN, USA). A deepening adventure for men working in missions. Offered by Barnabas International.

July 22-26, Abide Debriefing (Joplin, MO, USA). Help for moving forward with hope and momentum; from TRAIN International (held multiple times a year; another will take place July 29 to August 2).

July 24, Reimagining the Mission Playbook (online). Thought-leader briefing from Missio Nexus (for executive leaders only).

July 25, Jesus on the Abiding Road (online). Training event from AllNations.

July 29 to August 3, Interlude Debriefing Retreat (Chicago, IL, USA). A week-long retreat for adult global workers to process their experiences in a contemplative setting with peers and trained debriefers. Offered by Barnabas International.

July 31 to November 13, Perspectives on the World Christian Movement (online). New online classes begin regularly.


August through October, Missionary Care Cohort (online). Help your “sent ones” stay connected. Provided for local churches by The Upstream Collective.

August 3, Turning Triggers Into Glimmers (online). Training event from AllNations.
August 3-10, Classic ReBoot (Calgary, AB, Canada). Eight-day re-entry retreat for MKs/TCKs (aged 17-20) re-entering Canadian society. There’s also a wilderness edition for older MKs.

August 5-9, Engage Retreat (Union Mills, NC, USA). Spiritual retreats are provided regularly by the Center for Intercultural Training.

August 11 to September 6, Equipping for Cross-Cultural Life and Ministry (Union Mills, NC, USA). Followed by a Language Learning Accelerator course, both from the Center for Intercultural Training.

August 13, How to Be an Effective Church Missions Leader (online). Peer2Peer event for church missions leaders. Provided by Missio Nexus.

August 20-23, Field Security Seminar (Lake George, CO, USA). Provided by Crisis Consulting International.

August 28-29, Field Leaders Contingency Planning Workshop (Cape Town, South Africa). Provided by Crisis Consulting International. Followed by a Women’s Personal Security Workshop August 30.

View the complete calendar. Submissions welcome.