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cropped-Missions-Catalyst_large_tag.pngMissions Catalyst is a free, weekly electronic missions “digest” designed to inspire and equip Christians worldwide for global ministry. It includes missions news, practical ministry ideas, and helpful resources which readers can pass on to others.

To create Missions Catalyst, our staff read and distill dozens of mission-oriented news sources so you won’t have to, while providing easy access to further information about each topic or story so you can learn more.

This publication was born from a mobilization gathering in 1995 and managed by Caleb Project’s Nate Wilson. As part of the Brigada family of missions e-mail conferences it was called Brigada-orgs-missionmobilizers (BOMM) for many years. When Caleb Project folded in 2007, Missions Catalyst and several other ministries were able to continue under the gracious umbrella of  Pioneers.

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We see Missions Catalyst as a service to encourage and equip believers across the country and around the world who want to make a difference for world evangelization and who may not have the benefit of a team or ministry organization to support their efforts.

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  1. I’ve done quite a bit of study on this topic, Pat, and it’s great to see you in the texts in which the nation-state idea was likely born…in early Jewish history, when they coveted the apparent advantages of national kingship and wanted it when that was an affront to their rightful King, God himself. But the amazing thing to me as that yes, God was against it, but Israel’s rulership, embodied in a great man like David, became a messianic picture of Him who was called, in the end, “King of KINGS!” So God took something that he was opposed to, worked with it—in all of its classic OT mess—and, in the end, brought along “Christ” which simply means “anointed One.” But that is not all. For in the end, we read that “the kings of the earth” (that’s real, live earthly kings/governors/prime ministers, etc) “will bring the glory and splendor of the NATIONS into the city of God” to dwell with God forever! (Rev. 21) Yes, I’m sure so much nationalism is destructive to our witness—esp. the American, current, kind, which rather worships the exceptionalism of America and wants to ‘whoop our enemies’ to put it in milder English. BUT, I think nation-building and ‘transnationalism’ etc—maybe even significant parts of globalization, are certainly in the parameters of God’s will, and that is because I take the following items together:
    1. Jesus’ talk about the Kingdom of God, and his, in the end, giving us, his followers, the “Keys of the kingdom” stating in that bequeathing, that ‘whatever you loose on earth will have been loosed in heaven…whatever you bind on earth will have been bound in heaven!’ In other words, it looked like a very triumphal future for this humble band of his followers in 30 AD.
    2. Jesus’ introduction of, what I call, the most quoted, least believed words in history, the Lord’s prayer…whose apex asks God to “Let your Kingdom come, let your will be done ON EARTH as it is in heaven.”
    3. Jesus’ birth as a king, death as a king (posted in THREE languages over his head on the cross! and see John 18:37), and dominant teaching theme being the rulership/kingdom of God
    4. Jesus’s commission in Matthew, to so “disciple ALL THE NATIONS…(that you will be) teaching THEM to OBEY ALL THAT I’VE COMMANDED YOU!”
    5. Jesus’ calling of Saul/Paul in Acts 9:15, in which he told this greatest of all missionaries in our age to go to THREE audiences: the Jews—makes sense, that’s his people, the Gentiles—those are our “NATIONS” in Greek, AND THEIR KINGS. And Luke seems to have taken that calling of Paul’s seriously, because he gave about the same amount of space to each of those audiences in how he structured the book of Acts…first nine chapter basically about the Jews, the middle chapters those nations Paul’s three missionary journeys took him, and the last six chapters in some ways about the Gentile kings: Felix, Festus, Agrippa, governor of Malta and Caesar’s household.
    6. But the apostle John, when he comes to the end of the “apocalypse” speaks of God recreating heaven and earth, and moving the ‘city of God’ from the new heaven to the new earth, to dwell forever with humanity—NOT in heaven but on the new earth, and at that point talks of the kings of the earth bringing the glory and splendor of the nations into the city of God—to dwell with him forever (again see Rev. 21)!
    7. And, when I span all of Scripture the OT lives, breaths and moves with the kings and their nations, but way back near the beginning, grandfather Jacob, coming to his death, blesses each of his 12 sons, and when he comes to Judah, he says, “The scepter will not depart from Judah, nor the ruler’s staff from between his feet, until he comes to whom it belongs (that’s the Messiah), AND THE OBEDIENCE OF THE NATIONS IS HIS!”
    So, I basically believe that things like nation-building are certainly within the purview of the good will of God for our era, and that, if in fact, kings and the glory and splendor of whole nations will march into the city of God in the end, then we have much work to do, but it all falls basically within the wording of the Matthean great commission…to so disciple all the nations…that THEY will OBEY ALL that Christ commanded those first disciples. WOW! And ‘just between us girls,’ I believe this is a shift that is going on right now in global mission, that we’re not slowing down our evangelism, church planting and 1000 other great things we know we must do, but more and more church and mission leaders have been asking “what next?” and this is the sort of answer they will come to, as they go back to Scripture and find a much ‘greater commission’ than merely creating a large raft for heaven.
    I find myself increasingly motivated these days by just ONE verse, which, I found out recently, is the most often quoted verse from the OT in the NT: Ps. 110:1 “The LORD said to my Lord, ‘Sit at my right hand, until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet!’” It seems the NT writers all would have agreed that when Jesus ascended to heaven, he was fulfilling that verse, and that the LORD was basically then saying “WHEN Jesus can come back!”
    Anyway, I won’t go on…just wanted to respond to your comments about nations, kings, and nationalism. …cheers, sms
    Steve Spaulding
    resident missiologist
    OC International
    719-332-6974 stevespaulding@oci.org

  2. Wow, Steve, thanks for your thoughts. God continues to use ‘what He is against’ for His purposes. It is no surprise that He would/could do this, but…what amazes me is HOW he does this. We live in exciting times as we watch HOW he will bring glory to his name in this age. May we yearn to be a part of it! Love your thoughts and I will reread it when I have time. Do I have permission to share with my personal circle of pray-ers/influencers?

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