World News Briefs

These items come from mission-related news sources which have granted us permission to reprint any their content. Note that most published stories are at least lightly edited and less than 250 words in length, though we always include links to the original source. We do not pay for reprint rights.

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Resource Reviews

These items we write ourselves, though we may incorporate incorporate language from promotional material provided by those who create the resource. Note that we do not accept advertising or sponsorship. We do respond to submissions and requests, but only if we think the recommended resources will be of interest to our readers. We also avoid promoting resources sight-unseen.

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Calendar of Events

The Missions Catalyst Calendar lists public missions-oriented events in the US and around the world, including conferences, retreats, workshops, and some classes or training events (those it might be feasible to attend without living nearby). Events sponsored by a wide variety of organizations are listed for free but at the discretion of the editor. Each January, a calendar of known events is sent to all Missions Catalyst Features subscribers; updates are posted and sent to subscribers along with our resource reviews throughout the year.

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Most of the complete, stand-alone (and non “news” oriented) articles we publish are written by our Practical Mobilization columnist Shane Bennett. We occasionally feature a guest writer or reprint a previously published article. We may also highlight and/or include an excerpt from a previously published article in our monthly resource reviews. We do not pay for articles, but we’d be glad to take a look at what you’ve written and consider it for publication. We also welcome your input on topics we should cover in future editions.

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3 thoughts on “Submissions”

  1. Hi Lindsey! If by “Perspectives events,” you mean listings of the 200 or so Perspectives classes offered around the country each year, we simply don’t have the space for that. We do list many weekend or week-long events as well as events in which one can participate online, but not ongoing training events that are really only accessible to people in one town. Would be happy to promote week-long intensives, however, as people people are more likely able to travel to the destination to participate in one of those. Not coordinator training workshops though, as the audience is just too limited.

    Marti ([email protected])

  2. Greetings,
    I think an article on the Christian’s judgement and consequent eternal rewards (or not) is a motivating topic for missions giving.
    I have found that many Christians are unaware of this judgement or its eternal consequences. Consequently, this important motivation is conspicuously absent from the Body of Christ.

  3. Please pray that our newly launched ministry,Epilepsy Foundation of Kenya will be successful and that God will connect us with missionaries called to help those suffering from epilepsy.

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