What Do Readers Say?

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“I love your newsletter. I signed up for it last spring at a Perspectives class. I am using it to help me pray across the nations.” – Anna

“Thanks for the work that you do in informing us of missionary activities around the world. We will be praying for you.” – Roger

“Your updates encourage us. Thanks.” – Lynn (Middle East)

“We appreciate all you do. Continuing to lift up your work to the Lord.” – Valery (Australia)

“I have been receiving the Missions Catalyst regularly and appreciate your hard work in putting the missions news together.” – Rajah (Malaysia)

“Thanks for the newsy info you send out. It encourages us to know how to pray better.” – Carrie

“These updates are invaluable. I have used [them] to challenge our local college ministry and I am often personally challenged and encouraged by what God is doing world-wide!” – Kevin

“Thanks you so much for your hard work in putting together this e-magazine. I find many useful ideas, tools, and sometimes contacts through your efforts.” – Jeff

“Thanks for the constant update on the mission situation. Your labor and information brings me tremendous benefit for prayer and ministry.” – David

“Thanks for the awesome updates I get each week. I love reading what is going on and praying for various parts of the world. My two daughters who are still at home, 13 and 11, use it as part of geography in their home schooling. Keep up the awesome ministry. I pass your information and web stuff off to many people.” – Mark

“I love my Missions Catalyst – it’s a great thing!” – Emily

What Do YOU Say?

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