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Missions Catalyst distills mission-oriented news, resource reviews, and practical mission mobilization ideas for our readers so they won’t have to wade through all the dozens of different sources themselves. With a great many sources and story ideas from which to choose, we could easily publish long and frequent e-mails, but we are not trying to cover everything. Instead, we aim for a balance in the following areas.

Variety: Missions Catalyst includes items from different sources and different parts of the world, with links to those sources to help readers get more information if they have further interest.

Extension of the Kingdom / The Persecuted Church: We try to keep a balance between inspiring stories of progress in world mission with challenging stories that speak of persecution and setbacks to the growth of the church.

Personal Stories / The Big Picture: We try to keep a balance between stories of God’s work in one particular person’s life and articles that paint a general picture of what’s going on in a country or region.

Promotion: We report concrete information on the challenges of mission work in a particular area, or the growth of the church in a particular area, but try to avoid articles specifically advertising a particular ministry or ministry effort, especially in our news briefs.

Fundraising / Recruiting: We do not publish appeals for financial support or advertise specific job openings. A large number of our readers are missionaries and/or work for non-profit Christian ministries with similar needs.

Politics: In order to best serve our broad audience, we avoid articles written primarily to advocate for a particular political (or theological) perspective.

Wars: We do not report wars, per se, but how wars and other current events affect ministry.

Sources: We primarily publish articles that have already appeared in other publications from reputable organizations, and we provide clear documentation of original sources to the best of our ability. While some articles appear in their original form, others are condensed from longer articles or have been edited for clarity and style.

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