India and Nigeria: Representing the Ends of the Earth

Source: Mission Network News, May 9, 2024

Only [days] remain until the International Day for the Unreached! A third of the world’s population is still waiting to hear the good news about Jesus, but you can help change that.

Unknown Nations’ Greg Kelley, a member of the Alliance for the Unreached, says awareness is the first step.

For example, “We need to become more aware of India and Nigeria because of how strategic they are from the Kingdom standpoint,” Kelley says. “You can make a case that India and Nigeria are representative—more so than any other country in Asia and Africa—for the ends of the earth. Yet most Christians don’t think that way.”

Why start with these two countries? First of all, “There’s no country in the continent of Asia that has more people groups than India, and more unreached people groups, just like Nigeria is to Africa,” Kelley says.

Read the full story and learn about Alliance for the Unreached. You can access more IDU materials from their website.

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