Roundup: Five Links You Might Want to Follow

  1. What would you guess are the top-ten most religious countries? What about the top-ten least religious countries? Check out an analysis piece based on the World Values Survey from Ryan Burge’s Graphs About Religion.
  2. What’s the most popular Bible verse these days? YouVersion Bible app tells us it’s Isaiah 41:10—again. They also report a 20% increase in daily Bible reading in 2023. Good news.
  3. Every year, Ministry Watch publishes a list of best ministries to support based on their financial transparency, accountability, and efficiency. Take a look. Some of us have room to improve.
  4. For a list of fun and intriguing facts—each with attribution—see Tom Whitwell’s 52 things I learned in 2023. What a cool annual project! You may find something to use in a message or presentation.
  5. Move over, 10/40 Window. Did you know that 50% of the world’s population, including most of the least reached people, can be found in a circle of significance with just 15% of the planet’s landmass? The model and map are from John Mayer of City Vision.

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