Kenya: How God Transformed a Devout Muslim

Source: Mission Frontiers, May/August 2024

Aila Tasse began attending the mosque at an early age. Raised in a strong Muslim family in northern Kenya, he took his Islamic studies seriously and avoided Christians. At around the age of nine, he developed a deep desire to know more about his Islamic faith. He started spending time with the elders after each day’s afternoon prayers, listening to them discuss the Qur’an and other issues. But a question gnawed at Aila’s heart: Who is Allah?

Through unexpected and terrifying circumstances, God opened Aila’s heart to receive the gospel and Christ’s forgiveness. Aila describes the details of this radical transformation in Cabbages in the Desert: How God Transformed a Devout Muslim and Catalyzed Disciple Making Movements Among Unreached Peoples.

Read more (excerpts adapted from the book). Want more? The book will launch Friday, May 3. Currently, you can purchase the Kindle edition for just US$2.99, though the prices will likely go up on Monday according to collaborator Dave Coles.

This edition of Mission Frontiers features a variety of articles about the Perspectives movement. Take a look.

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