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Source: A Life Overseas

Parents of Missionaries

Whether they are followers of Jesus or not, typical parents are not thrilled when their kids move overseas to serve in mission. But consider what it may cost them, especially when there are grandchildren involved. Read Dear Sending Church: We Need to Get the Parents of Missionaries on Board (Amy Medina) and follow links to some helpful resources.

Another piece honors the parents of cross-cultural workers. Read Dear Mom and Dad, Thanks for Letting Us Go without Letting Go of Us (Craig Thompson).

Missionary Families

Maybe you’ve heard of “adverse childhood experiences” (ACEs). But research also suggests eight categories of positive childhood experiences (PCEs) that can make kids more resilient. Learn what you can do to make a difference for missionary kids. Read It Takes a Village—Including for Missionary Families (Tanya Crossman).

With all the potential dangers of a life overseas, should people with kids even become missionaries? One mom struggled with this question, wishing she could protect her children from everything ugly. Read The Myth of the Ideal Childhood (Abigail Follows). Thought provoking.

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