Meet Shane Bennett

Shane Bennett wrote monthly Practical Mobilization columns for Missions Catalyst until mid-2022.

Shane has served in missions mobilization since 1987, much of his energy going to  recruiting, training, and sending short-term teams. He’s been on research teams in Bangkok, Bombay and Turkey. He coauthored Exploring the Land, a guide to researching unreached peoples, and has written numerous articles.

“I’m an ordinary guy. I began school planning to be a pastor, but through a number of people and events, God focused my calling on missions, specifically catalyzing efforts for the world’s most under-evangelized peoples. After 20 years of barely venturing beyond the borders of Indiana, God began bouncing me around the world. In each place my objective has been, with a team of people, to discover how the church might be established where it hasn’t yet.”

Today Shane helps normal Christians connect with Muslims in the U.S. and everywhere. He works for a cool, new organization called Healing Nations, speaks at Perspectives classes and churches, and writes a super-short weekly email that helps people think about Muslims the way God does and love them like Jesus does. Check it out or sign up.

Contact Shane.

5 thoughts on “Meet Shane Bennett”

  1. Hi Shane, It was nice to meet you in London this week. I have read Missions Catalyst for years so it was a real treat for me to get to see you in person. I was afraid MC would disappear when Caleb Project was no more but, thankfully I and others can still be blessed by it. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hey Doug,

    Great to meet you too. Thanks for coming to the training and for faithfully reading Missions Catalyst. I appreciate both. Shoot me a link to facebook if you’d like to stay in touch. (

  3. Shane

    This is Park Ginder…thinking of you today as we study Habakkuk.

    Hope all is well and that you are still standing strong among the challenges.



  4. Looking forward to your message tonight in Fresno, CA for our Perspectives class. God be with you and God bless you.

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