SOUTH SUDAN: “God Is Not a Foreigner Anymore”

Source: Wycliffe Bible Translators, April 25, 2018

The people of South Sudan have rarely known peace. The decades since Sudan’s independence from Britain and then South Sudan’s independence from Sudan have been marked by turmoil and war.

Despite the turbulence, Bible translation has been taking place. The Baka translation began in 1980 in southern Sudan. The team endured civil war, violence, having to flee as refugees, and a kidnapping. Through it all, translation continued, and in March 2017, the Baka community celebrated the launch of the New Testament.

Now that the Baka have God’s Word, “God is not a foreigner anymore. Jesus is one of us. He can talk [our] dialect,” says Pastor Bennett Marona, the translation project manager.

» Read full story or watch a video about the Baka translation.

» See also The Bible in Uzbek, the story of the 22-year process of completing the translation of the Bible into this Central Asian language. In a surprising turn, it was publically launched in the capital with official approval by the country’s government (United Bible Societies).

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