Missions Catalyst 02.22.12 – Resource Reviews

In This Issue: A round-the-world prayer journey

  • WEBSITE: A 365-day Global Prayer Journey
  • DVD: The Jesus Accounts
  • VIDEOS: What Should You Know (about Unreached Peoples)?
  • BOOK: A New Edition of “Serving As Senders”
  • WEBSITE: Directory of Global Evangelical Networks
  • EVENTS: March Missions Events

Missions Catalyst is a free, weekly electronic digest of mission news and resources designed to inspire and equip Christians worldwide for global ministry. Use it to fuel your prayers, find tips and opportunities, and stay in touch with how God is building his kingdom all over the world. Please forward it freely!

WEBSITE: A 365-day Global Prayer Journey

Source: Treasure in Earthen Vessels

Have you heard the saying, “God cannot lead you on the basis of information you do not have”? A Missions Catalyst reader has invited us to join her in a prayer journey around the world using Operation World, Prayercast videos, and more. Wouldn’t that be a great way to systematically learn a bit about every country on the planet?

>> Visit Rosa’s blog for the basic idea behind this and prepare yourself for the journey. You can still join up before they’re through with the A’s and B’s!

>> See also GlobalPrayer365, a ministry of WEC, where you can join people around the world in a chain of continuous prayer and conversation.

DVD: The Jesus Accounts

Source: The Jesus Accounts

Looking for a tool to help you explain the reliability of the Bible and answer the most common objections or misunderstandings in a positive and respectful way? Consider The Jesus Accounts. I think you’ll find it the kind of thing you can show a secular or Muslim friend as well as use with Christians.

This 30-minute documentary attests to the historical accuracy and reliability of the New Testament Gospels. It demonstrates unequivocally that the oldest manuscripts of the Christian Gospels are completely consistent with the present-day Bible.

It explains in detail how this consistency has resulted from the dedication of New Testament scribes and other guardians of biblical integrity. They devoted their lives to the accurate preservation of the Gospel accounts and the other documents making up the New Testament – just as Jewish scribes did for the Old Testament.

>> Go to the website to view the trailer, learn more, or place an order for US$11.99 per DVD (plus shipping and handling).

VIDEOS: What Should You Know (about Unreached Peoples)?

Sources: Various

Mission to Unreached Peoples released an updated and improved version of their informational/motivational video, You Should Know.

Advocates for ministry to unreached peoples might also find use for another short video, People Groups: An Imperfect Illustration. It’s a bit softer and gentler.

Joshua Project has compiled a list of additional videos. What would you add?

BOOK: A New Edition of Serving As Senders

Source: Emmaus Road International

Serving As Senders Today, by Neal Pirolo. San Diego, CA: Emmaus Road International, 2012. 223 pages.

In the decades since Neal Pirolo began his advocacy for the ministry of missionary care, many have responded to the call. Even though how people think, communicate, and operate in the world of mission has changed a great deal, the need for member care remains unchanged. Thousands have found Neal’s 1991 book, Serving As Senders, a useful tool to equip mission supporters and senders. We’re pleased to announce that an expanded and updated edition has just been released.

Like its predecessor, this book explores the need for senders, then shares stories, principles, and practical stories about how to provide moral support, logistical support, financial support, prayer support, communication support, and reentry support. This edition also includes new stories about how churches and individuals are using what they learned through this book or “Senders” seminars. It also includes resource lists and provides guidelines for group discussion and study.

Most of the changes to this edition are minor, however, just enough to keep the book a relevant tool. Dated language has been removed and resource lists have been refreshed. Though the cover is similar, the interior has a more contemporary and pleasing design. The book’s biggest limitation may be its continued assumption that senders are focused on the support of long-term vocational missionaries to foreign contexts, in a day when what missionaries and missions look like has diversified. Still a great book to put in the hands of supporters, mission committee members, and others called to the crucial ministry of sending. Thanks to ERI as they keep calling us to caring.

>> Purchase Serving As Senders Today from Emmaus Road for US$7.95 plus shipping and handling; bulk discounts also available. See also The Reentry Team: Caring for Your Returning Missionaries.

WEBSITE: Directory of Global Evangelical Networks

Source: Linking Global Voices

Linking Global Voices highlights the strategic role that networks play in the global paradigm of missions. This site contains the most exhaustive listing of global evangelical networks on the Web today.

The goal is to facilitate effective missions in the global paradigm by supporting networks and bringing awareness of their unique role. In a world where partnerships are essential for effective ministry, networks are helping the individual ministry connect both locally and globally. The site provides contact information on networks and leaders around the world plus a calendar of events of global significance.

>> Visit Linking Global Voices.

EVENTS: March Missions Events

Source: Missions Catalyst Events Calendar

On the Web

Missio Nexus – the network formed by the recent merger of CrossGlobal Link and The Mission Exchange – has planned five webinar-based learning initiatives for the month of March:

March 1 – Serving with Cultural Intelligence in Cross-cultural Ministry (with David Livermore).

March 8 – Security #1: The Emerging Terrorism Threat to Missions (with Bob Klamser).

March 15 – Security #2: Evaluating and Assessing Threats and Risk-tolerance on the Mission Field (with Bob Klamser).

March 22 – Ten Commandments to Counteract Dependency: A Peruvian Case Study (with Jarvis Ferguson).

March 29 – Scrooge in the Pews: 10 Keys for Motivating Christians to Give (with Keith Marion).

>> See the complete list.

Other Events

March 1-3 – CONFERENCE: Impact (Orlando, FL, USA). Learn about what God is doing in the Indo-Malay world and how you and your church can partner with field workers, agencies, and national leaders to impact the unreached and unengaged. Invitation required.

March 2-6 – CONFERENCE: Central Asia Consultation (Turkey). Working together to reach the unreached. Details restricted due to security concerns; invitation required.

March 9-10 – CLASS: Personal Support Raising Boot Camp (Fayetteville, AR, USA). Similar events held regularly around the country.

March 16-17 – CONFERENCE: Care ConneXion (Beaverton, OR, USA). Equipping and networking leaders to provide relevant and effective care for missionaries.

March 16-18 – CONFERENCE: Vision Home (Philadelphia, PA, USA). “What must it be like to return to China as a Christian when you had no concept of Christianity when you left for the States? Wouldn’t it be great to be with some people who can help you prepare for your return?”

March 16-18 – RETREAT: The Journey Deepens (Dallas, TX, USA). Sense God is calling you into missions, but need help in discerning your direction? The Journey Deepens Retreat is a great next step.

>> View the whole calendar.


Marti Smith

Marti Smith is a writer, speaker, and project manager for the Church Partnerships Team at Pioneers. Since the mid-90s she has helped prepare cultural research teams to explore unreached communities and mobilize efforts to serve them.

Marti manages and publishes Missions Catalyst and is the author of Through Her Eyes, a book about the lives of missionary women in the Muslim world.

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