Southeast Asia: Shaman Makes Disciples After Jesus Heals Him

Source: Beyond, January 10, 2024

Wayan was known as a “wise man” or shaman. He was accustomed to using his dark arts to harm others. In the neighborhood where he lived, he was highly respected and feared because people believed he possessed great “knowledge.” Many people sought his guidance, advice, and help with mystical matters.

One day, Wayan’s wife asked him to pick some coconuts from the backyard. He agreed without giving it much thought and immediately climbed the 30-foot-high coconut tree.

Suddenly, his wife heard a loud shout from behind the house. Wayan had fallen out of the coconut tree! For the next three months, he needed assistance from his wife or someone else to carry out his daily activities.

One day, he remembered someone who had come to their village a few years before he fell ill. Ketut, a disciple of Jesus in the region, had tried to share the gospel with Wayan at that time. However, on Wayan’s orders, he had been rejected and expelled from the village. Now Wayan asked his wife to find Ketut’s address and invite him to come and pray for him.

Read what happened next. Today, Wayan is one of the leaders of a movement on his island in SE Asia. His ministry has birthed more than 2,000 disciples, 285 small groups, and 28 small group leaders.

See also a short article and video about the continuing revival in war-torn Myanmar, where one church movement has grown from 2,000 people to 7,000 in the last year (Asia Harvest)

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