Buddhist World: What Is Bodhi Day?

Source: East-West Blog, January 15, 2024

In the early weeks of winter, many Buddhists will celebrate the Buddha’s enlightenment on Bodhi Day. Some Buddhists observe the holiday on December 8, but Buddhists who follow the lunar calendar observe this day in January.

Enlightenment is a key aspect of Buddhism. Followers of Jesus who want to share the love of Christ with Buddhist friends should understand enlightenment and celebrations like Bodhi Day.

If your Buddhist friends celebrate Bodhi Day this year, ask what they believe about enlightenment and how it can be realized. Then, ask if you can share what you believe about suffering and the way to be liberated from it. As you do, pray that God would soften their hearts to understand the gospel and accept Jesus’ free gift of grace.

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See also, an article about the (related) Chinese Laba Festival as celebrated by Buddhists in New York and described as the start of their Chinese New Year Celebration. Read Distributing Buddha’s Congee Thousands of Miles from Home and watch a short video (Religion Unplugged).

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