Map: The World as 1,000 People (Representing 8,045,311,447)

Source: Visual Capitalist

You may remember The World as 100 People. It went viral a few years back—a helpful attempt to explain who lives in our world according to a number of different categories.

Do you realize Earth’s population has doubled in size over the last 50 years, now exceeding 8 billion people? More than half of them live in Asia! If you represented the planet’s population as just 1,000 people, using UN data from mid-2023, you’d have 178 in India and 177 in China. Sweden and Honduras would be down to just one person each.

See how many would live on each continent and in each country with this interactive map and chart.

See also Gina Zurlo’s 2020 visualization of The World as 100 Christians (with data on Global Christianity).

Interested in the big picture? Find some food for thought in a brief article called Better Than You Think, in which Philip Yancey reflects on the message of Hans Roslin (author of the 2018 book Factfulness) about the state of the world.

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