Israel: Nation Grapples with Collective, Generational Trauma

Source: Mission Network News, November 14, 2023

Israeli forces are at the gates of Al Shifa Hospital, Gaza City’s main hospital above Hamas headquarters. The hospital is running out of fuel, and at least 32 patients have died. Yet, Hamas blocked Israeli efforts to deliver more fuel. The IDF says they plan to help evacuate babies at the hospital’s request.

An Israeli defense spokesperson emphasized Al Shifa Hospital is not under siege and reminded the world that Hamas still has 239 Israeli hostages.

Meanwhile, missile sirens continue to sound every day in Israel. Over 9,500 rockets have been fired on Israel from both Hamas in the south and Hezbollah in the north since the war began.

Victor Kalisher of the Bible Society in Israel says Israelis are grappling with collective, generational trauma. “When someone has been through a trauma, everything that reminds you of that brings you back to the situation that you remember.”

Read the full story with a few links, prayer points, and reminders of the ways trauma is woven through the nation’s history, and another for an angle you may not have seen: Bedouin Blood Brothers and the Destiny of Israel (One for Israel).

For an interesting virtual visit to the Holy Land, watch Levitical Choir Performs at the Southern Wall of the Temple Mount (YouTube/The Temple Institute).

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