Libya: Christians Arrested and Could Face Death Penalty if Convicted

Source: Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin, May 10, 2023

Six Christian Libyan nationals arrested during March and early April for apostasy (leaving Islam) and Christian proselytism (missionary work) could face the death penalty if found guilty. Videos of the detained believers confessing to their “crimes” have been posted on-line. One believer is a 22-year-old woman who became a follower of Christ [at] aged 15. Another believer is reported to have renounced his faith under torture; may he be comforted by the amazing grace of his Savior, Jesus Christ.

Two U.S. citizens arrested around the same time for alleged Christian proselytism have been released and deported to Tunisia (Libya Update).

Meanwhile, Nigerian pastor Femi Abraham Akinboye—arrested by an Islamic militia in July 2021 while seeking a permit for the church he had established—remains detained, his fate unknown. Lord have mercy! Please pray.

The full story includes links, background, and more prayer points.

From another part of the world, we read that in Cuba, documented violations of religious freedom more than doubled from 2021 to 2022 (story from Baptist Standard, responding to a report from Christian Solidarity Worldwide).

Closer to home for some: In February, we included a news brief about after-school Satan clubs in the U.S. Those are back in the news after a court ruled in favor of The Satanic Temple (The Hill).

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