READERS WRITE: More Practical Ideas on Praying for the World

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Thanks for the great response to our recent feature article, Passing on Prayer: Practical Ideas on Praying for the World. Readers contributed a few more great suggestions we want to share as well:

1. Pray together

“Pray with others,” says Greg. “Something deep, powerful, and encouraging happens when we join with others to pray for the world.” Good word, Greg.

2. Pray through the newspaper

“This isn’t anything new, but it is a strategy we use in our Perspectives class prayer times, and that is to bring newspapers to class and pray through headlines in the news,” says David. “There is not a day goes by that you can’t find something in the headlines where God is at work.” David also encourages us to watch the video, Prayer Causes Things to Happen (John Piper). Thanks for the reminder, David.

3. iPray2014

“Thursday, May 1, has been set aside as a National Day of Prayer [in the U.S.],” writes Paul. “We’d like you to join us in prayer throughout that day. Pray for your family, neighborhood, classmates, co-workers, customers, or employees. Be intentional about connecting with God throughout this day as you continue doing what you’d normally do. To help remind you and direct your prayers, we’ll be sending out several text messages (that day only) to anyone who subscribes. All you need to do is text “iPray2014″ to 95577. We’ll send you encouragements, reminders, and suggestions for prayer.” Great idea, Paul.

4. 30 Days

“How could you forget the 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim world?” asks Tamara. “For over 20 years this prayer movement has involved hundreds of thousands of believers from all over the world in loving and learning about Muslim people through prayer during the month of Ramadan. The beautifully illustrated prayer guide is available in over 35 languages, and there is also a children’s edition. The event starts June 28 this year, so, plenty of time to order guides for your family or prayer group!” We’re in, Tamara!

5. Prayercast

“I work for an organization called OneWay Ministries in a branch of their ministry called Prayercast,” says Liz. “You tapped right in to what we are trying to accomplish. You asked for any resources that people may have to help others pray. Well, is a phenomenal resource and free for anyone to use. We currently have a Prayercast video and prayer resources for every nation on earth! We are working to expand these resources in BIG ways in the days ahead.” Looking forward to seeing what’s ahead, Liz; we love Prayercast!


“ has a number of resources on prayer, much of it related to reaching the world of university students, but this can easily be adapted to other groups,” says Dennis. “In particular, I find helpful the reminder that we are joining God in what he is already doing.” Thanks for the link, Dennis!

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  1. Editor’s note: An astute reader points out we quoted a source as saying the 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World begins July 28 this year; it’s actually June 28. We made the correction and apologize for the error.

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