Eritrea: Giving Voice to a Forgotten Nation

Source: International Christian Concern, March 6, 2024

After seeing the rise of oppressive governments, ICC’s Africa Regional Team created a comprehensive report on a repressive regime that mainstream media often forgets.

Eritrea is north of Ethiopia and Somalia on the Horn of Africa. Eritrea is often not covered in the news due to its lack of natural resources or strategic location. Despite the lack of interest from many international politicians, Eritrea holds value because of its rich history of Christianity. Tracing back to Semitic tribes living in Eritrea in 1000 BCE, Eritrea was home to some of the world’s first Christians. Through years of conflict and devastation, Eritrea has found itself governed by a dictator who commits egregious crimes against the people of his nation. Under his rule, thousands of people have died during a 30-year war, been imprisoned because of their religious beliefs, and fled the country to escape the oppressive regime.

Conditions in the “North Korea of Africa” have deteriorated with no acceptance of blame from [Ethiopian President Isaias] Afwerki. The report provides a concise yet robust historical and current overview of Christian persecution, two case studies of Christians in Eritrea, and policy recommendations. Through this report, ICC intends to raise awareness of the plight of Christians in Eritrea and recommend ways government leaders can alleviate their suffering.

Read the whole story.

In another religious liberty news story from East Africa, Christian Solidarity International reports that they helped free 1,500 Christian Sudanese slaves in the last year (Christian Broadcasting Network).

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