Challenge: Will You Take the Hospitality Pledge?

Source: Welcome Churches

From childhood we are primed to fear strangers, our divided communities reinforce the cultural barriers, and the global pandemic has forced us to keep our distance. We have spent much of the last two years closing our doors to others. The Hospitality Pledge is an attempt to revive, encourage, and inspire a national surge in welcoming. It is a commitment to making 2022 a year of Christian hospitality.

Why now? Many people in our communities need to be shown hospitality, including those experiencing loneliness or homelessness or seeking asylum. Millions of people are fleeing conflict, persecution, famine, and climate disaster and need a safe place to call home.

The Hospitality Pledge is an invitation to take three simple yet revolutionary actions each week.

  • Talk with someone new each week and engage in meaningful conversation
  • Share something I can once a week with someone who needs it
  • Eat with someone each week I wouldn’t normally spend time with

Learn more, sign the pledge, and subscribe to a series of encouraging emails. Welcome Churches is a UK charity with a vision to see every refugee in the UK welcomed by their local church. Love it! Find resources on the Welcome Churches website. Some but not all are UK-specific.

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