India: Healing Leads to Religious Conversion Scandal

Source: Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin, September 14, 2021

In July this year, Gaya District in the north Indian state of Bihar found itself at the center of a religious conversion scandal after it was reported that hundreds of Mahadalits had left Hinduism and converted to Christianity. Indian mainstream media reported the story as a case of exploitation of superstitious villagers. “Reports claim the rampant conversions are being carried out under the pretext of curing maladies.” But, reading further, one can only conclude that the Spirit of God is moving in that place.

The story begins with Kewla Devi, a Mahadalit village woman whose chronically ill son was not responding to medical treatment. When someone urged Kewla to seek the help of Christians in adjoining Wajidpur village, Kewla—with nothing to lose—did. The Christians prayed and her son recovered.

So remarkable was this miraculous healing that, not only did Kewla and her whole family become followers of Jesus but so too did around 135 Mahadalit families in Belwadih village. The new Christians—who no longer use vermilion to mark their foreheads, nor pray to Hindu gods or goddesses—all insist they converted freely of their own will, without any inducement.

Read the full story. It includes links to Indian news sources as well as prayer points.

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