CHINA: New Religious Affairs Regulations Expected Soon

Source: Mission Network News, January 22, 2018

According to Release International, the Chinese government is planning to unveil a new set of regulations on religious affairs next month. These new regulations may give the government more control over state churches and tighten the pressure on unregistered churches.

China also recently grabbed international attention when the Golden Lampstand Church, an evangelical megachurch in the Shanxi Province, was demolished by military police. It was the latest in a string of oppressive movements by local governing officials to restrict and regulate spiritual life.

To be fair, China is a massive country holding one-fifth of the world’s population. So the oppression Christians in China face varies from region to region.

[David Curry, President of Open Doors USA] says a lot of the paranoia when it comes to religion in China can be boiled down to one thing: nationalism. Christianity is viewed by the Chinese government as a Western religion. And in a country steeped heavily in Communist principles, any Western influence is considered a threat.

» Full story provides food for thought about government efforts to harness religion not only in China today but other times and places as well.

» See The Chinese Church Prepares for Missions for insight on challenges and opportunities for Chinese in global ministry (China Source).

» Also related to religious law, you may have heard Bolivia made evangelism a crime. Looks like that decision is being reversed (Christianity Today).

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