VIDEO: A Case for Engaging the Unreached

Pastor Chris Lazo of the church Reality Santa Barbara explains the opportunity before the Church for engaging the unreached and what we can do about it. Powerful video; could you use it in a presentation?

2 thoughts on “VIDEO: A Case for Engaging the Unreached”

  1. Excellent, I want to use it in our church. How can I download it to my computer so I don’t need an internet connection to show it.

  2. Doug, if the creator of the video had set it up to be downloaded, there would be a “download this video” link below the video on Vimeo, where the video is hosted. They did not choose to do so, which means there is not a legal way to do this.

    Here’s the direct link to the video on Vimeo:

    …and here’s the contact info for the church that made the video, and they may be able to help you:, (805) 617-4466

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