SUDAN: Czech Aid Worker Released, Two Sudanese Pastors Remain in Prison

Source: Morning Star News, February 27, 2017

Sudan released Czech aid worker Petr Jasek on [February 25], nearly one month after a court in Khartoum sentenced him to life in prison for espionage and other charges, according to reports. Christian leaders in Sudan confirmed the release of the Czech aid worker.

Two Sudanese Christians remain behind bars, though they were convicted of “aiding and abetting” Jasek’s alleged espionage and sentenced to 12 years in prison. It was not clear whether Sudan would consider releasing the two Church leaders. Their cases are awaiting appeal.

» Read full story. See also reports that Sudan has ordered demolition of 25 churches in the Khartoum area.

» Christians in neighboring South Sudan are thankful to report the release of eight Samaritan’s Purse aid workers who had been kidnapped. Pray for South Sudan which is on the brink of famine, as are Somalia and Yemen.

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