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Source: Missions Catalyst Events Calendar

April 1-2, The Journey Deepens (Portland, OR, USA). A weekend retreat for prospective missionaries. Provided by Mission Next and Mission ConneXion.

April 3-8, ABIDE (Joplin, MO, USA). Re-entry and debriefing for singles, couples, and families provided by TRAIN International.

April 4-June 26, Encountering the World of Islam (online). Course on embracing Muslims with the love of Christ.

April 6, OnMission (online). This is a free, virtual, four-hour conference focused on issues and subjects relevant to church mission leaders.

April 9, Care Connexion (Beaverton, OR, USA). Workshop for churches about creating teams to care for their missionaries.

April 11, Sending Church Roundtable (Louisville, KY, USA). Asking: How can sending churches do global missions well? Hosted by Sojourn Church and Upstream Collective.

April 12, Does Child Sponsorship Really Work? (online). Free, web-based, interactive conversation from The Mission Table.

April 13-15, Crisis Management Seminar (Lake George, CO, USA). Learn how to develop a competent security and crisis management program; Crisis Consulting International.

April 14, Global Day of Prayer for the 4/14 Window (global). Praying for the world’s children (especially those aged 4-14).

April 14-17, Velvet Ashes Personal Spiritual Retreat (online). Virtual retreat for women serving cross-culturally.

April 16, Bridges Seminar (Lancaster, PA, USA). Building bridges to reach Muslims. Provided by Crescent Project.

April 17-20, Field Security Seminar (Lake George, CO, USA). Skills for field staff working in dangerous environments around the world. Provided by Crisis Consulting International.

April 18-19, Support Raising Bootcamp (Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA). Provided by Support Raising Solutions.

April 20, Knowing Who to Send: Predicting Missionary Fruitfulness and Failure (online). Free Webinar from Sixteen:Fifteen, with Pioneers.

April 25 to May 8, ORIENT (Joplin, MO, USA). Learn key skills for surviving and thriving cross-culturally. Provided by TRAIN Internationals. Also offered September 5-18.

April 25-28, Thrive Retreat (Fortaleza, Brazil). For North American women serving cross-culturally.

April 27-29, Northwest Mission Leaders Conference (Raymond, WA, USA). Theme: Changing Church Culture. Sponsored by World Venture.

May 4-7, International Wholistic Missions Conference (Phoenix, AZ, USA). From the Global CHE Network.

May 10, Are Compassion Ministries Truly Compassionate? (online). Free, web-based, interactive conversation from The Mission Table.

May 11-12, Interchange (Philadelphia, PA, USA). Bringing church and agency personnel together. Topic: Missions and money. Provided by Catalyst Services.

May 12-14, Christian Community Health Conference (Oklahoma City, OK, USA). Provided by the Christian Community Health Fellowship.

May 13-14, People Raising Conference (Oak Brook, IL, USA). Be equipped for raising personal support.

May 13-14, Prayer and Spiritual Warfare ConneXion (Portland, OR, USA). Training event provided by Mission ConneXion.

May 15, International Day for the Unreached (international).

May 15, Global Day of Prayer (global). An annual event.

May 17-18, Support Raising Bootcamp (Pasadena, CA, USA). Provided by Support Raising Solutions.

May 19-21, Global Children’s Ministry Equip Conference (Chiang Mai, Thailand). An annual event.

May 23 to June 4, Darshan (Chicago, IL, USA). Hindu evangelism training from Christar.

May 26-29, Serving Internationals (Estes Park, CO, USA). Annual conference by the Association of Christians Ministering among Internationals (ACMI).

May 27 to June 4, Single Vision Retreat (Lisbon, Portugal). A member care program for singles in the mission community.

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