BOOK: Critical Questions to Ask Before Going Overseas

Source: Equipping Servants International

Mission Smart: 15 Critical Questions to Ask Before Launching Overseas, by David L. Frazier. Equipping Servants International, 2013. 192 pages.

Those of us with a passion and position to mobilize the next generation of cross-cultural laborers sometimes forget that not everyone who volunteers to go has the calling, gifts, self-knowledge, training, and church support to make it as a cross-cultural missionary. David Frazier’s book encourages both goers and senders to slow down and confront unhealthy idealism. It takes a look at the gaps and asks 15 critical questions about missionary appointment, preparation, placement, and care. The book’s goal is to reduce attrition and send out well-prepared workers who understand their callings and are prepared to thrive cross-culturally.

Mission Smart also includes thoughtful questions and assignments for missionary candidates to work through with a mentor.

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PODCAST: Crescent Project Radio

Source: Crescent Project

Love Muslims? Listen to podcasts? Check out Crescent Project Radio, which airs every Wednesday night on Revival Radio WROL 950, a Christian radio station in Boston, Massachusetts.

Crescent Project is a nation-wide U.S. Christian ministry focused on equipping the Church to share the gospel with Muslims. Launched in January of 2014, Crescent Project radio is a half-hour program featuring powerful teaching, testimony, and truth about God’s miraculous movement in the Muslim world and how we as Christians can join him in this kingdom work.

One recent broadcast, dated August 22, explores the growing phenomenon of Christian women turning to Islam through relationships with Muslim men. Host Matt Bonner interviews one such woman and shares his findings about how and why this is happening and resources available to help.

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DOCUMENTARY: In the House of Islam

Source: World Christian

We’ve mentioned David Garrison’s book A Wind in the House of Islam several times. But did you know there’s now a documentary version? The DVD, In the House of Islam, provides an overview of Islam, the history of Christian-Muslim relations, and stories of the unprecedented movement of Muslims to Jesus occurring in our lifetime.

The same DVD includes a 17-minute version as well as 30- and 56-minute versions, and is produced by the video-sharing ministry, YWAM Organic.

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BOOK: Stories of Transformation from Kyrgyzstan

Source: Pioneers USA

God is transforming lives in Kyrgyzstan. A Pioneers worker serving in that country felt called to collect the testimonies of believers in Jesus from Muslim backgrounds, interviewed more than 100 of them (mostly Kyrgyz and Uzbek), and published this collection of 60 testimonies.

They Loved Not Their Lives: Stories of Transformation from Kyrgyzstan was originally published in the Kyrgyz language and with a local audience in mind, so even the English translation feels a bit rough. It does, however, include a helpful introduction and footnotes for non-English terminology. It also paints an accurate picture of common struggles and obstacles for Central Asians coming to Christ (including misconceptions that Christians worship three gods, ignore their parents, or have “sold” their religion to become Russians).

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EVENTS: September Classes and Conferences

Source: Missions Catalyst Events Calendar

September 8 to December 7, Encountering the World of Islam course (online). This 12-week course is offered several times a year.

September 5-6, Missions Fest Pretoria (Pretoria, South Africa). Free, community-based conference in the Missions Fest tradition.

September 11, How Should We Define Missions? (online). Free webinar from sixteen:fifteen.

September 14 to November 16, Ministering in a Multicultural World (San Jose, CA, USA). Ten-week Sunday-evening class on cultural awareness and skills.

September 16-22, Traction Conference for Men (Interlaken, Switzerland). For men who serve in cross-cultural settings, hosted by Catalyst International.

September 17-18, Support Raising Bootcamp (Charlotte, NC, USA). Presented by Support Raising Solutions.

September 17-20, Offering Healing and Hope for Children in Crisis: Trauma and Crisis Care (Englewood, CO, USA). Seminar from Crisis Care Training International.

September 19-21, IBAM Impact Conference (Minneapolis, MN, USA). Take the next step in Business as mission.

September 23-25, International Society for Frontier Missiology (Atlanta, GA, USA).

September 25-26, Mission Finance and Administration Conference (Atlanta, GA, USA). Provided by MissioNexus.

September 25-27, Mission Leaders Conference (Atlanta, GA, USA). Provided by MissioNexus.

September 26-28, The Journey Deepens (Charlotte, NC, USA). Weekend retreat for prospective missionaries.

September 26-29, Experiencing Partnering Workshop (Dallas, TX, USA). Develop a partnering approach to ministry. Provided by International Partnering Associates.

September 27, Bridges Seminar (Cleveland, OH, USA). Building bridges to reach Muslims. Provided by Crescent Project.

September 30 to October 20, 21 Days for Global Harvest (international). Prayer campaign organized by the SVM2.

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VIDEO: What Are People Searching For?

Source: GMI

Since its launch in September 2013, GMI’s Missiographics service has produced more than 20 infographics on global mission topics. Now they’re taking the next step and making infographic videos. A video version of their most popular missiographic to date explores what people in different parts of the world are searching for in their online Bible searches and how that might effect our message and ministry.

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SERVICE: Connecting Churches with a World in Need

Source: Hungry for Life

Need some help getting missions off the ground in your church? Hungry for Life is basically an outsourced missions department. They help North American churches and organizations make connections with partners on the field, manage short-term team logistics, and facilitate projects focused on justice and compassion.

» To learn more, watch this two-minute video.