CURRICULUM: The Prayer Course


Source: Alpha International and 24/7 Prayer

Looking for something simple and practical to grow and help others grow in their relationship with God? We just came across this resource from the UK. Alpha International (creators of The Alpha Course) and 24-7 Prayer developed a free prayer course based on the Lord’s Prayer and designed to fuel discussion and deepen the prayer life of your church.

Each lesson includes a short video, leader’s guide, and questions to help small groups explore topics such as worship, intercession, dealing with disappointment, learning to listen, and spiritual warfare. The leaders say the course has been used in 104 countries in the 20 months since it began.

» Learn more or download materials. You might also check out a recent article from 24/7 about prayerwalking as part of the strategy for reaching your city.


Source: Weave and CMM Press

Take your kids beyond the ordinary to the amazing spectrum of peoples and cultures in the world with the newly revised THUMB Coloring Book. Every fun drawing includes a caption with a cultural fact about each of 25 vibrant people groups in South America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. Activities will engage kids ages 4-10 in learning about these unique groups and their need to hear the life-changing gospel message of Christ.

This coloring book is built on the THUMB acrostic—a fun, easy way to remember the major non-Christian belief systems found around the world. You can teach your kids to remember and pray for people with these beliefs by using this acrostic:

  • T is for Tribal
  • H is for Hindu
  • U is for Unreligious (or Atheist)
  • M is for Muslim
  • B is for Buddhist

Includes important facts about other belief systems, focused prayer points, a world map indicating where each people group lives, and suggestions for using this book with your family or church class.

» Learn more or purchase for US$3.99 from CMM Press. A digital download version, US$20, grants you a license to make as many copies as you need.

ARTICLE: When Missionaries Come to Town

Source: Catalyst Services

Brief home-assignment visits can leave missionaries and churches feeling disconnected. Real relationships require more than a quick Sunday school update and a “Moment for Missions” report in the worship service before saying goodbye for another two to four years. What’s the solution when missionaries’ time is limited?

Better planning can help churches and global workers maximize the impact of even short visits. The April edition of Postings includes suggestions for both churches and missionaries as well as a customizable planning tool to clarify goals and make the most of your days together.

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BOOK: A Winsome Missionary Memoir

Unbelievable: Living in the Son, by Graham Charles Bee. 2015, 310 pages.

Are you a fan of missionary biographies and autobiographies? I bring this one to you because you may not find it on your own and it’s well worth the read. Graham Bee describes his early years in Australia, later ministry in Ghana, family life, and experiences in mission agency leadership with good grace and humor.

Admittedly, this is a self-published memoir and may be of greatest interest to those who know the author, have connections with WEC International or Australia, or who have served in West Africa. Yet the book is well written, and I found the author’s sunny attitude, sensitivity to God, and thoughtful insights reminding me of Thomas Hale (author of Don’t Let the Goats Eat the Loquat Trees and others). The stories in 50 short and encouraging chapters are well chosen to interest and inspire the reader on his or her own journey of faith.

» Learn more or purchase for US$13.13 from Amazon or elsewhere.

» Looking for something to listen to on a family road trip? YWAM Publishing now offers audio versions of many of their popular biographies.

EVENT: 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World

Source: 30 Days Prayer

Ramadan is coming up, June 18 to July 17, and with it the annual 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World. Do you plan to pray? How might you mobilize others to join you?

Each year a new illustrated prayer guide booklet is published in a number of languages and locations around the world. The booklet contains daily readings that focus on various topics, people groups and geographical areas of the Islamic world. Each day’s subject focus is followed by prayer points. It also features informative background articles and resources for involvement.

» Purchase copies of the US edition from for US$3 (bulk discounts and an edition just for kids also available); a downloadable PDF is US$2.50. Excerpts from the US edition should be posted online day by day on the same website. Get material in different languages or locations from the international site.

» See also the DVD In the House of Islam, a documentary based on David Garrison’s book A Wind in the House of Islam.

EVENTS: Conferences, Training Events, and More


June, GoFest 2015 (across Asia, Australia). One mission mobilization event, seven cities: Singapore; Penang, Malaysia; Dili, Timor-Leste; Pontianak, Indonesia; Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney, Australia.

June 5-6, The Justice Conference (Chicago, IL, USA). Annual event to promote dialogue around justice related issues such as human trafficking, slavery, poverty, HIV/AIDS, and human rights.

June 5-13, Single Vision (Lisbon, Portugal). Renewal for single missionaries.

June 6, Disciple Making Movements Training (Plano, TX, USA). Provided by Act Beyond.

June 8 to August 30, Encountering the World of Islam (online). Twelve-week class will help you discover God’s heart for Muslims.

June 9-29, Perspectives on the World Christian Movement (Pasadena, CA, USA). Three-week intensive.

June 10, Rethinking Short-term Mission (online). Free hour-long webinar from Sixteen:Fifteen.

June 9, Mobile Ministry Training Course (online). Start of four-week class, repeated several times a year. Learn how to use mobile technology for evangelism.

June 14, World Refugee Sunday (international). Churches praying for refugees and displaced people. Some also observing this event June 21.

June 14-24, Refresh! (Grenoble, France). Retreat for cross-cultural workers. Provided by Heartstream Resources.

June 18 to July 17, 30 Days Muslim Prayer Focus (global).

June 19-21, GOFest (Bulstrode, Bucks, UK). Free, annual mission festival for all ages.

June 23-24, Support-raising Bootcamp (Lombard, IL, USA). Provided by Support Raising Solutions.

June 24 to July 4, Breathe Conference (Wilderswil, Switzerland). Ten-day retreat for renewal and encouragement for cross-cultural workers.

June 25-27, National African-American Missions Conference (Vienna, VA, USA).

June 30, Four Things Every Team Leader Should Do After a Short-term Mission Trip (webinar). Provided by DELTA Ministries.


July 5-15, Refresh! (Thailand). Retreat for cross-cultural workers, provided by Heartstream Resources.

July 6 to November 8 Perspectives on the World Christian Movement Course (online). Provided by the Perspectives Study Program.

July 12-17, ABIDE (Joplin, MO, USA). Re-entry and debriefing for singles, couples, and families. Provided by TRAIN International.

July 14-17, Thrive Retreat (Breckenridge, CO, USA). For North American women serving cross-culturally.

July 16-17, Disciple Making Movements Experience (Nashville, TN, USA). Hosted by Long Hollow Baptist Church.

July 18-25, New Wilmington Mission Conference (Western Pennsylvania, USA). Annual, week-long multi-generational mission conference; a tradition for more than 100 years.

July 19-25, Perspectives on the World Christian Movement (Grapevine, TX, USA). One-week intensive.

July 19 to August 7, Manarah (Detroit, MI, USA). Muslim evangelism training provided by Christar. Also offered elsewhere in Spanish.

July 22-23, Support-raising Bootcamp (Rogers, AR, USA). Provided by Support Raising Solutions.

July 28, How to Protect Yourself after a Short-term Mission Trip (webinar). Provided by DELTA Ministries.

July 26 to August 1, ReBoot Re-entry Program (Kitchener, ON, Canada). For returning missionary kids, ages 17-20, transitioning to life in Canada.


August 3-9, MK/TCK Re-entry Retreat (Gaston, SC, USA). Retreat designed for teens transitioning to college from missionary families.

August 8-14, ReBoot Re-entry Program (Calgary, AB, Canada). For returning missionary kids, ages 17-20, transitioning to life in Canada.

August 9-15, Perspectives on the World Christian Movement (Pittsburgh, PA, USA). One-week intensive.

August 11, Four Things Every Friend of a Short-term Missionary Needs to Know (webinar). Provided by DELTA Ministries.

August 17 to December 20, Perspectives on the World Christian Movement Course (online). Provided by the Perspectives Study Program.

August 20-21, Support-raising Bootcamp (Blooomfield, NJ, USA). Provided by Support Raising Solutions.

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May 6 Extra Edition

Dear friends,

While we don’t have a full edition of Missions Catalyst for you today, here are a few quick items and updates which might pique your interest.

  1. The Kindle edition of the novel Child of Ishmael, which we reviewed in April, is free on Amazon. But the sale ends today. A good read.
  2. Christianity Today drew together reports about how the earthquake has affected Nepal’s Christian community. Keep praying.
  3. A new Discovery Bible App includes 30 “Creation to Christ” lessons, in text or audio, which anyone (who has an android device) can use to lead a reproducible Bible study in English or Arabic. Well done.
  4., a mobilization website, now features an interactive chart for prospective workers seeking a sending agency. It profiles 14 of the larger agencies that send US workers to the least reached. A handy reference.

We’ll be back with you next week with the May edition of Practical Mobilization.

Marti Wade

BIBLE STUDY: God’s Heart for the Nations

GHFTN_Cover__74282.1427221033.500.750God’s Heart for the Nations, by Jeff Lewis. BottomLine Media, 2015. 63 pages.

Looking for an affordable, effective tool to open eyes to God’s global purposes as revealed in scripture from Genesis to Revelation?

God’s Heart for the Nations is an inductive Bible study that explores how God’s blessings and global purposes are woven together. Originally published in 2002, it has recently been revised and updated by the author in collaboration with Pioneers, which now distributes the booklet.

The eight lessons include more than 100 Bible passages to explore along with memory verses, mission quotes, people group profiles for prayer, and suggestions for reflection or further study. There’s also a video introduction for each lesson.

You might work through it on your own, include it the curriculum for a class or small group, or use it to prepare a short-term mission team.

Jeff Lewis is a professor at California Baptist University and also has a ministry teaching and consulting with churches and other groups about seamlessly integrating God’s heart for the nations into their lives and ministries.

» Learn more or purchase from Pioneers for US$6 (with discounts available for bulk orders) or get it from Amazon. Not available electronically.

» See also these resources of similar scope and purpose: Witnesses to All the World: God’s Heart for the Nations, by Jim and Carol Plueddemann and Missions: God’s Heart for the World, by Paul Borthwick. You could also download Embark, a free four-week study from Frontiers.

FOR USE WITH CHILDREN: Fabric Map and Lesson Plans

Parents and teachers might be interested in a new attractive fabric map to use in learning about and praying for the world. This large, hemmed 29” x 40” cloth map is brightly colored and each country clearly identified. The map also comes with suggestions for fun family activities.

» Preview or purchase fabric map from CMM Press for US$12.00.

A series of 24 downloadable lessons for teaching kids about the world has recently been “freshened up.” Most are designed for a 30-minute time slot. They introduce children to kids around the world and different issues affecting their lives.

» Learn more or purchase lessons from CMM Press for US$5.00 each.

» Visit the CMM Press store for additional resources for children, parents, and teachers written or collected by Weave Family ministries. See also the extensive resource lists on the Weave Family website.