NEPAL: The Top of Karma’s Prayer List

Source: Act Beyond, April 2017

Karma was all by himself when the 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal in April 2015. The door to the room his was in was jammed shut from the shaking. It brought Karma to a point of crises in his faith. Was he going to trust only in Jesus or trust in other religious superstitions of his Tibetan Buddhist background? A few days after the earthquake Jesus visited Karma in dream and Karma decided to wholeheartedly follow Jesus.

Several months later the Beyond team members started a Discovery Bible Study (DBS) with Karma and two other believers. Over the next year that DBS developed into a small church that meets together each week. Karma is one of the two leaders that leads that fellowship.

It’s been nearly two years since the earthquake and Karma has just had another breakthrough. Ever since the DBS started, Karma has been worried about what his village leader might think. Even though Karma lives in the capital city he still felt pressure to have the approval from his village leader. So, on the very first day of planning for the DBS, Karma made a prayer list that hung on the very same door that was jammed shut after the earthquake. On the top of that list was the village leader’s name.

Each day for the next 18 months he prayed for his village leader. Recently he went and met with the village leader and told him all about the fellowship and his desire to see his people follow Jesus. The result? The village leader encouraged him to keep up the good work! Yes, a Tibetan Buddhist village leader encouraged Karma to continue spreading the gospel!

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