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The Future of Missions

What topics will dominate global mission conversations in the next decade? Ted Esler of Missio Nexus identifies five issues and topics the global ministry world will be talking about.

Read The Next Ten Years.

Also listen to an interview with missiologist Gina Zurlo (the Gospel Mobilization Podcast). It may affect how you think about global missions and use mission statistics.

Missions Giving

Our missions giving may fund worthwhile activities but not directly contribute to gospel-spreading, disciple-making, and church-multiplying missions as much as we think, says Ben Wright.

Read Pastor, Where Do Your Missions Dollars Go? (The Gospel Coalition).

Also from TGC, see 5 Questions to Ask When Missionaries Seek Support.

And read Churches, We Need You! (Why the Church Is a Critical Piece of Missionary Care) by Jessi Bullis (A Life Overseas).

Cross-Cultural Photography

Living in or visiting another culture? Photography is a powerful tool to share about life in your host country. But make sure you make and share images in a responsible way.

Read 7 Principles for Ethical Photography as a Global Citizen by Anna Danforth (A Life Overseas).

For more thoughts and tips, see a series of field shooting notes on Instagram. You’ll have to scroll down a bit to find it (Commnet).

And just for fun, see Photographer Captures Photos of Signature Dishes of Grandmas From Around The World (DeMilked), found in Mission Hits.

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