New App: Holy Ground for Prayerwalking

Source: 24/7 Prayer and Civil Righteousness

Habakkuk 2:14 says that the Earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea. How about our streets and sidewalks? Use the Holy Ground prayerwalking app to find resources (though most are “coming soon”), see where others have prayed, and track prayerwalks in your own area.

Looks like this started near me, in Portland, Oregon, but even here there are plenty of streets that may not have been prayerwalked. Thought I’d give it a go. What about you? Get a family member or friend and pray for God to be glorified in your neighborhood or town.

Learn more or look for the app from the Apple and Google app stores.

Looking for tools to stimulate prayer for a people group or region on your heart? See Justin Long’s list of prayer guides, recently updated. Many are free downloads. Let him know if you have one to add.

One thought on “New App: Holy Ground for Prayerwalking”

  1. Thanks for spelling prayerwalk in the best way (no space or hyphen between prayer and walk. We coined the word in 1992 because it was a relatively recent practice and we needed to use it as a noun and a verb. And thanks for connecting me with the prayerwalking resource.

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