Kenya: A Village Chief’s Life Changed by the Love of Jesus

Source: Global Christian Relief, April 24, 2023

The African nation of Kenya is not known for religious persecution, unlike the border countries of Somalia and Ethiopia. Eighty-five percent of the population identifies as Christian—but there’s known persecution against believers in smaller villages among traditional tribes.

A village chief from Kenya’s Teso tribe, a people group half a million strong in the western part of the country, had a well-known history of persecuting Christians in Kenya, jailing local pastors and others for leading people away from traditional tribal customs.

The chief attended a local funeral where a Christian was officiating, [a man he] had often arrested. As the persecuted Kenyan gave the eulogy and addressed those in mourning, he spoke of hope in eternity with Christ and of salvation through Christ alone. The words the man gave spoke loudly to the chief’s heart. As the believer continued speaking, the chief rose, came forward, and declared he wanted to be born again.

Not only was the chief seeking salvation [but] he also wanted forgiveness from those he had persecuted. In addition, he openly declared that he would never arrest, jail, or harass Christians again. His life has been forever changed by the love of Jesus.

The chief was recently baptized and continues to testify daily of Christ’s love to his friends, family, and others in his tribe.

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We love to hear stories about people who use their influence for good, but that’s not always how it goes. Perhaps you read about a Kenyan pastor who urged his congregation to starve themselves to death. As the death toll mounts, local clergy wonders at the scale of indoctrination, Religion News Service reports. INcontext provides biblical insight on this tragedy in Deaths Linked to Kenyan “Pastor” Calls for Greater Discernment.

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