Africa: Finishing the Task in the Sahel

Source: Lausanne Movement, April 25, 2023

The Sahel, a large component of the western third of the 10/40 Window, stands today as one of the most spiritually needy areas of the world. The middle third of the 10/40 window covers the Middle East, and the eastern third, South and East Asia. The latter two are often in the news with reports of economic, political, and religious life, as well as many confrontations and wars. For the Sahel, there has been deafening silence.

The turmoil in the Sahel over the past decade has severely limited mission activity, and many areas are now closed to or dangerous for such outreach. How can we serve and disciple these many countries and peoples? Few secular or Christian agencies have plans to place workers among them; the current risks are too high. Yet the Great Commission is still valid and to be heeded by the church for all the peoples of this area, is it not?

The full story explores context and history as well as awakenings, revivals and other signs of hope for this challenging, semi-arid region, which sits just below the Sahara Desert. It’s the second article in a series about the area, all written by Patrick Johnstone.

By the way, Lausanne has a new look. Worth checking out, especially if you are a Lausanne fan or if mission marketing is your jam.

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