Iraq: One Click Away From Knowing Jesus

Source: Mission Frontiers, May 1, 2023

“I read everything about Christ and I want to become a Christian.” That was Zahir’s Instagram message to one of our Arabic volunteers. Zahir was a Muslim living in Baghdad, Iraq.

Months earlier, he clicked on one of our Instagram ads and took an online course to learn about Jesus and the Christian faith. Afterward, he found a Christian and discussed the faith with him. He had a growing sense of urgency to accept Christ and finally messaged us through Instagram to take that step.

Zahir has begun walking with Jesus, watching our videos on YouTube for more encouragement, and is now meeting with other believers we connected him with in his city.

Over the past few years, Iraq has invested in and grown its digital infrastructure. Recently the government announced it was going to provide free internet for the entire country. Today, the “Search for Jesus” Facebook page has almost half a million followers from Iraq. Several hundred Muslims in this country have come to faith in Jesus Christ through our digital presence and team of volunteers, many with powerful testimonies of courageous faith.

Read We Are All Digital Missionaries. The author, Mark Appleton, is writing about his work with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. This story is one of many in a Mission Frontiers issue focused on digital outreach ministry. Check it out.

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