Resource Roundup: New Mission Articles

Sources: Various

Downsizing to Move Overseas (Go.Serve.Love)

Could simplifying now help prepare you to go wherever, whenever God calls? A professional organizer and MK offers practical strategies.

Contextualization Meets Burnout (A Life Overseas)

As we adapt and change our ways, we expect our efforts will open doors for the gospel. Unfortunately, the results do not always meet those expectations, and this is where contextualization meets burnout.

The Importance of Families in Global Missions (Lausanne Movement)

How do you sustain a prayer movement for 100 years? The answer may surprise you: by including children. How would our churches be different if every family believed they were part of God blessing the nations?

Who Needs Missionaries? It’s Not Just the “Unreached” (The Gospel Coalition)

Consider three additional categories of peoples and places that may warrant missionary labors: the mis-reached, the once-reached, and the under-reached.

Want more? These are all pretty quick reads, but if you have some time on your hands, browse and/or subscribe to Mission Hits from Chris Howles, a British seminary professor in Uganda. It’s monthly and more extensive than Mission Catalyst. He even does a quarterly roundup of articles from mission journals. Good stuff.

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