Philippines: Gospel Interest Rises Following Global Pandemic

Source: Christian Aid Mission, March 9, 2023

The COVID-19 outbreak has accelerated a shift in ministry in the Philippines, quickening kingdom growth. Native Christian workers in the island country are taking a more holistic approach than they did five years ago, making gospel outreach even more effective, a ministry leader said. The coronavirus outbreak in 2020 accelerated the new emphasis as workers were compelled to meet more physical needs.

Those coming to Christ saw that the church was interested not only in sharing the gospel but also cared for them and their needs, he said. The COVID-19 crisis brought holistic ministry to the forefront and intensified response.

Ministering to the whole person has also meant helping them escape the snare of poverty [and] transform entire communities, the leader said.

The full story includes lots of examples. Have you seen or heard of the same thing happening in other places?

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