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Mission videos, events, and more

  1. Introducing People to Jesus Using Your Mobile Phone
  2. More Than 30 Short Videos to Inspire Mission Efforts
  3. Podcast Series: The Hardest Places on the Planet
  4. “Welcome Corps” Refugee Sponsorship Program
  5. Events: February Conferences, Training, and More

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One thought on “Mission videos, events, and more”

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Mission Catalyst!
    A few quick comments about the course. First, the only pre-requisite for this course is a passion for Jesus and making him known. It is not about media or technology, but simply leveraging the most common, contextual tool people around the world have access to – the mobile phone. Second, this course will help you become more effective at sharing the gospel whether you are doing so in Toronto, Tashkent, or Timbuktu. It is for everyone everywhere. Third, you’ll learn better and be more likely to put what you learn into practice if you grab a couple friends, colleagues or family members (in person or remotely) and go thru the course together. Finally, the course is currently being translated into Arabic and Spanish, and we are happy to field requests for other languages (contact [email protected] for more info).

    I hope many discover this course, thanks to your blog post, and benefit from it.

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