China: Expatriates Serving in China’s New Era

Source: ChinaSource Quarterly, Winter 2022

At a recent gathering of more than 100 China ministry professionals, I was struck by how many of the attendees operated with the assumption that the era of expatriates living and ministering within China’s borders was over. Only a handful of those in attendance had any plans to live and work in China while most of the conference focused on ministering from a distance.

While there is real value to serving the Chinese church remotely, is it the case that expatriate Christians can no longer live and minister within China?

The full story makes a case that there is still room for foreign expatriates to serve in China, despite many challenges. For a closer look at the challenges and opportunities facing Chinese missionaries, read Where Is the Chinese Missionary Movement Headed in the New Era?

You might also want to read A Voice From China—Interview with a Senior House Church Leader, which is quite interesting and grapples with some of the same issues (Asia Harvest). See also Six Reasons Why We Should Listen to Christians from around the Globe (OMF).

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