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Holidays and festivals are on my mind once again. I learned that Hindu festivals take place somewhere in India 255 days of the year! This does not include secular/national or cultural holidays like Punjab’s “rural Olympics” (don’t miss it!). I was privileged to witness the Magh Mela and Sankranti in India last month. I believe Indians know how to celebrate like no other culture.

Though Hindu extremists warn couples not to celebrate Hindu extremists warn couples not to celebrate Valentine’s Day with all of its Western trappings, some apparently celebrate a whole Valentine’s WEEK!

Mardi Gras and Lent have come while I’ve been wrapping up this edition of Newsbriefs, and the Chinese are beginning the year of the sheep/goat.

Holidays and festivals say a lot about a people. What do they value? What are the stories behind these “feast days?”

If any of this stirs your interest, check out this website. Or if you’re a little less adventurous, check out using the Christian calendar as an opportunity to throw parties. However and where ever you celebrate, though, know that the best party is yet to come!

Celebrating Jesus,


2013 Calendar of Events

calendar pagesGreetings!

Interested in what’s coming up for 2013?

As a service to readers, Missions Catalyst compiles and maintains an online calendar of mission-related events across the US and around the world.

Maybe you’d like to attend some of these events or tell a friend about them. Perhaps you’re planning an event of your own and wonder what else might be going on that weekend. Or it could be that you know about an event that would interest other reader and should be added to our calendar! Let us know.

Marti Smith





Behind the scenes at Missions Catalyst

Dear Readers,

Do you find Missions Catalyst inspiring, informative, or useful for your ministry? We sure hope so! If you do, maybe you can give us a hand.

Our publication is created and distributed by a small team of volunteers using affordable tools. This keeps production costs very low. We’ve been able to stay afloat since the mid-1990s, despite the economic and organizational storms.

We do, however, need to cover our direct expenses (primarily web hosting, mailing service, and promotion). Those costs add up to about US$1000 a year.

Rather than selling ads, recruiting sponsors, or charging fees, we’re trusting God to supply the funds through (tax-deductible) donations from readers.

If you find yourself able to give, please consider a donation to the Missions Catalyst account with Pioneers. We have a few bills due at the end of this month, so a gift right now would be particularly helpful. Questions? We’d be glad to hear from you.

Much thanks!

Marti Wade | publisher and managing editor

Opportunities to Volunteer

Interested in providing practical help to Missions Catalyst? We could use another team member. Here are some of the tasks involved. If you’d like to discuss volunteering your time and skills in one or more of these areas, let’s talk!

Missions Catalyst Tasks

1. News sleuthing – Read dozens of mission-related news sources looking for stories to highlight in our news digest.

2. Writing articles – Produce monthly, quarterly, or occasional articles on topics related to mission mobilization.

3. Reviewing resources – Look for and learn about materials likely to be useful and interesting to our readers; assess and describe them in a brief but balanced way.

4. Maintaining calendar – Seek out and sift through information about upcoming mission-related events likely to appeal to our readers; post them to online calendar.

5. Copyediting – Polish and organize content provided by writers; prepare all materials for publication.

6. Proofreading – Check links, formatting, style, and grammar.

7. Redistribution – Increase footprint by posting links to our content and other items on social media sites and elsewhere; initiate conversation and interact with those who respond.

8. Tech and design help – Update website look and increase its usability; possibly explore other tools and platforms.

Note: Content submissions are always welcome!

Short Summer Survey

Dear Readers,

I wonder if you can give five minutes to help us explore how our newsletter is hitting the mark or missing it? We’ve developed a short summer survey that asks for your input on some of our burning questions about how to best serve you.

We’ll analyze the results and share them with Missions Catalyst readers, as well as doing our best to make the needed changes.

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We’d also be glad to hear from you about anything else you’d like to discuss.

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Extra Edition: 2011 Calendar of Mission Events

In This Issue: Mission Conferences, Classes, and More

  • EVENTS: Current Listing of Mission Conferences, Classes, and More
  • NOTE: Submissions to This Calendar

Here’s what’s on our calendar for the year to come. Additional events will be added along the way and published in Missions Catalyst. Questions, corrections, or submissions? Contact us!

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