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5 thoughts on “Subscribe to Missions Catalyst”

  1. Thank you for all you do for the King and His Kingdom! I am happy to be able to team up with a fellow “partner in crime” against this evil world! Let’s get all the people God loves into relationship with Him we can so that He gets the glory He so worthily deserves!
    ’til the last soul hears,
    Bill Boyer
    VP Bethel Bible College
    Chair of Intercultural Studies Dept
    Manila, Philippines

  2. Came across your website while reading about Marti Wade (nee Smith). I also have a heart for Muslims and worked with missions in MENA, UK, France and US as I have a deep desire to represent Christ to reach those lost in Islam.

    Also as a Creative, I am working as a catalyst for the ever-growing Arts Movement with various missions organizations. Recently I participated in an arts outreach with OM France/OM Arts International with an invitation for an art exhibit of Sermon Sketches as a link for conversation and discussion of the gospel.

    May the Lord continue the gathering of His people through whom He will garner the white harvest

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