Training: Workshops and Seminars

These workshops and seminars – born during our days on staff with the now-departed Caleb Project – remain available on request.

The Art of Listening (conference workshop – can be scaled from 45, 60, or 90 minutes to several hours)
Harness tools and insights from the world of anthropology to build cross-cultural bridges. Explore how to effectively take on the role of a learner as you dive into a new culture, becoming part of the community through participating, asking good questions and carefully listening to the people’s stories. See your city through new eyes and overcome a fear of talking to strangers by approaching new relationships as a learner. This workshop explore foundational perspectives and gives you the opportunity to try out practical skills.

Crossing Cultures Workshop – This eye-opening one-day or weekend workshop, based on ethnography training (below), can give members of your church or community a cross-cultural experience in their own city and learn to see it through different eyes.

Ethnography Training – Three to five days of training in the ethnographic research techniques used by research teams can equip you to do relationship-based sociological research among the world’s diverse peoples.

- More about Research Expeditions.

Speakers Available – Our staff have additional areas of interest and expertise and can provide teaching or training for churches, conferences, and classes as needed. We’re also happy to help you connect with other speakers and ministries.

3 Responses to “Training: Workshops and Seminars”

  1. catherine watson says:

    I am interested in learning more about networking prayer. My team is developing a nonprofit organization to train christians to mentor the homeless and how to minister to new age, buddhist, hindu, wiccans. we live in an area where many americans are becoming hindu, buddist and involved in strange cults. we need many people praying for us. the enemy is attempting to slow us down but we are victorious because our lord is making us overcomers in all things in his name.

  2. Starlight Ministries in Boston trains Churches in how to minister to the homeless.

  3. I work for a missions agency called KidZ At Heart International. We exist to equip people to reach and teach kids for Christ within their own culture.

    We offer training workshops called KidZtitute! to train people in the US to join teams that travel overseas to train children’s ministry workers. Last year our teams travleled to Latvia, Estonia, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, SE Asia, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.
    Our president, Gordon West, would love to write an article on overseas missions trips and opportunities to reach the 2.2 billion children who need Jesus. Also, we’re also wondering how we could get the word out to your readers about this training and ministry opportunity.

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