Research Expeditions

Relationship-based & Prayer-saturated Research

“A sober journey through southern China stirred a genuine passion for the unreached from within, flipped my world upside down once again, cleared my foggy lenses to see God and the world, and drove me to sell out even more for the sake of the cross!” – research team alumna

Stretch your faith.

Take time out to stretch your faith! Live among an unreached people group with a team of believers for two to three months. Learn skills valuable for long-term work among the unreached and get a glimpse of how the church might look in their cultural context. Not just another short-term experience, this is an expedition that will change the way you look at other cultures for the rest of your life.

Walk a mile in their shoes.

Spend time in-country developing your abilities to work as a team, ask good questions, listen well, think strategically, and pray for the lost. Learn about an unreached culture from the inside out by building meaningful relationships with local friends using ethnographic interviewing techniques.

Tell their story.

Speak out for those who don’t have a voice. Pass along your experience through high-quality printed materials, informative reports, pictures and video that serve as powerful tools for intercessors, advocates, and long-term missionaries.

Work with a team.

Working in partnership with a variety of teams we have trained and sent out dozens of teams to conduct cultural-learning projects to Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Length, timing, and location of teams depend on the needs and preferences of field partners. Typically, a team includes 6-8 people.

Design your own project.

Because we want to be strategic in our research, we love to research in conjunction with workers who are already on the field. If you are working in an area where you would love to know more about the people or if you are working with someone who is currently on the field who would like to be more strategic please contact us. Hosting a research team is a great way to get in-depth and updated information without compromising your current relationships or investing time that you need to use in other ways.

Research expeditions can help you uncover patterns in every area of culture:

associations & institutions – class – communication – community – daily routine – decision making – demographics – economy – education – entertainment – ethnicity  – events & holidays – family – friendship – entry strategies – fine arts – heroes – history – kinship – leadership – language – marriage – migration – modernization – neighborhoods – networks – occupation – offensive behavior – politics – problems –  receptivity – recreation – regional issues – religious beliefs & practices – secularization – status & prestige – stories & myths – urbanization – values

To discuss working with us to put together a research team, or to get training in ethnography for your team or organization, contact us.

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