Training: Ethnography Courses

Encounter Culture Course

This class is designed to provide training in the ethnographic research techniques used in Caleb Project’s research team program (1988-2006) as well as in training other teams and organizations over many years both during that time and since then.

It is designed to equip you with the skills and background to do relationship-based sociological exploration, and can also provide a foundation for coordinating your own research projects and/or teams.

Encounter Culture courses are offered several ways:

1. As an intensive training event. Contact us if you have a group of 6-10 or more participants who can use this training and we will arrange a class for you. Our usual recommendation is a five- to six-day event, but we can work within your time constraints.

2. As an interactive distance-learning course.

Staff may also be available to offer additional services, such as consulting, coaching, debriefing or development of specialized curricula.

See also:

Research Expeditions (the primary program in which we have learned and applied these skills)

How Research Expeditions Work (more details)

Reports from Past Projects (research findings)

Exploring the Land (training manual)

Crossing Cultures (the weekend-workshop version for local churches)

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