Training: Crossing Cultures

Step into the World around You!

Crossing Cultures is an eye-opening weekend workshop that provides a cross-cultural experience in your city. Learn how to initiate conversations, ask questions, and listen to stories as you explore new cultures. It feels like a mission trip in a weekend.

Crossing Cultures will expose you and your church to the lives and needs of immigrant and ethnic communities close to home, many with little opportunity to hear the gospel. The training, street experiences, and debriefing will challenge your church for fresh local and global outreach and wider involvement in ministry.

Crossing Cultures can also be a great addition to your missions-education program (e.g., as a special project for your Perspectives or Sunday school class) or equip your short-term mission teams to be good cultural learners on the field.


1. Friday and Saturday: A typical workshop will include a Friday night cultural dinner and orientation, a Saturday morning training, Saturday afternoon on the streets, and a debriefing and next-steps session finishing by 5:00 p.m.

2. Saturday only: Some choose to omit the Friday-night activities and do the entire event in the course of a day.

3. One to two hours: We are also available to come to your conference or event and teach the learning and listening skills that form the backbone of this workshop. 

>> Contact us to  bring Crossing Cultures to your church or community.

>> Download a flier about Crossing Cultures.

>> Download the summary document describing how Crossing Cultures works.

Here is what some people are saying:

“I realized in a personal, heart-changing way that people from all over the world are at my doorstep … Crossing Cultures prepared me for a life-changing experience.”

“Anyone can experience other cultures with this method.”

Crossing Cultures allows a large number of church members to get a taste of world missions without going overseas – it sparks missions involvement right here at home.”

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