USA: Faith Takes Flight

Source: ASSIST News Service, January 7, 2018
Editor’s note: Did you know January 5 was “National Bird Day”?

“Consider the birds” [Jesus] reminded the disciples as he discussed how God cares for them. “Are not two sparrows sold for a penny?” he asks his followers, stating, “Not one will be forgotten before God,” inferring the Lord will not forget his children. Jesus also compared birds to the kingdom of God: “The birds come and make nests.” Jesus references birds when discussing the fact that he has no home: “The birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head.” The Holy Spirit—in the form of a dove—descended upon Jesus at his baptism. Roughly 300 passages found in the Bible reference birds.

Reformer Martin Luther, called birds “our schoolmasters.” The Christian poet and clergyman George Herbert used birds in some of his poems. C.S Lewis used birds throughout his Chronicles of Narnia, showing their variety and beauty, naming over a dozen in Aslan’s kingdom.

Probably the best-known bird-watching clergyman was John Stott. As a great enthusiast of birds, Stott called his admiration of birds, “orni-theology.” One of his best-loved books is Birds Our Teachers. In this work he relates birds to subjects ranging from repentance, self-esteem, gratitude, work, freedom, joy, and love. Birds are more than just feathery fowl, but teachers tethering us to God’s grace and creativity, helping our faith take flight.

» Read full story to consider what we can learn from the birds.

» This article reminded me of what my friend, blogger Bev Ewart wrote about the Goose Poop and Glory as well as The Goldfinch.

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  1. Great article, i remember a Dear missionary in my country that gave us a magazine with the beautifull articles for kids, youngs and adults where was the geese lessons ……These article was viral to point that in so many radio broadcasting was used for other ways…..but God can use of many ways the labor of Our people….!

    Thanks for your magazine, God bless you!

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