5 Ways to Take Action for the Persecuted | World News Briefs


The International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church will be observed in churches around the world on November 5 or November 12. See also this video and the story below for five ways to take action on Sunday (or anytime). 

Missions Catalyst News Briefs 11.01.17

  1. WORLD: Five Ways to Take Action for the Persecuted
  2. AZERBAIJAN: No Fair Trial for House Church Leader
  3. PHILIPPINES: From Fear to Faith
  4. KENYA: Former Sponsored Child Now Archbishop
  5. SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA: Magic Charms, Black Cats, and the Power of Jesus

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I hope you have availed yourself of the many resources concerning the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. I’ve learned a lot!

I especially liked this talk from Eric Metaxas (National Religious Broadcasters), about writing a biography of Martin Luther, and the article Three Surprising Ways the Protestant Reformation Shaped our World (CNN). My husband and I enjoyed RC Sproul’s 10-part series, Luther and the Reformation. I’d love to know if you have any recommendations!

The stories of persecution below sound much like what Luther endured 500 years ago. The powers that be are still trying to control the Church. We can rejoice in Jesus’ words, “I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it” (Matthew 16:18).


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