WORLD: Five Ways to Take Action for the Persecuted

Source: Open Doors, October 2017

Pastor Edward is truly on the front lines of persecution in Syria. His community was destroyed by ISIS and yet, alongside a small group of other believers, he is committed to remaining in the area as a light.

We have a golden opportunity coming up this Sunday [November 5]: the International Day of Prayer (IDOP) for the persecuted church. Believers like Pastor Edward have endured extreme trials this year and they need our mighty prayers.

You can be a part of this battle in prayer against the powers of darkness. There’s never been a time your faithful intercession is needed more.

Here are five key ways that you can take action on IDOP Sunday and stand united with our persecuted brothers and sisters:

  1. Write a digital letter to a persecuted Christian and remind them they’re not alone.
  2. Pray for the top 10 countries on the World Watch List.
  3. Listen to the Daily Prayer Story about real people living in persecution.
  4. Pray for these five believers imprisoned for their faith.
  5. Share this meme on your social accounts and ask friends to join you in prayer.

» Full story summarizes each step as well as providing links to learn more. See also The Ripple Effect for additional resources, including a free, interactive study about the persecuted church, sermon outlines, and more.

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