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Click on the image above for a new prayer video for Vietnam from Prayercast; related story below.

In this issue: Reasons to celebrate

  1. MIDDLE EAST: An Unscheduled Appointment
  2. IRAQ: First-ever Sorani Kurdish Bible Published
  3. VIETNAM: God Is on the Move
  4. BURMA: Baptist Pastor Jailed for Spying Falls Ill
  5. CENTRAL ASIA: Believers Standing Firm


As I wrap up this batch of news I can hear distant fireworks as tomorrow is my nation’s birthday. But actually, because I live 20 miles from Canada and get their radio stations, I know that our northern neighbor just turned 150 years old. That is a big deal! Someone had a great idea to celebrate with 150 murals made across the nation. They are truly beautiful. I hope to visit Toronto this month. Maybe I can see one of these murals up close.

Two short videos challenged me on this eve of US Independence Day: Russell Moore on Whether America Is a Christian Nation (The Gospel Coalition) and Do American Christians Love Muslims? (Jihad of Love).

Some of our long-time readers may remember we shared this great flash mob celebration of Resurrection Sunday in Budapest, Hungary in 2011. As the song says, “Freedom was paid for on Calvary.” Enjoy!


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