IRAQ: First-ever Sorani Kurdish Bible Published

Source: Mission Network News, June 26, 2017

After 28 years, [a translation] team in Kurdistan is finished, and the Kurds have “an accurate, contemporary translation” of the entire Bible.

Hans Combrink of Biblica said it wasn’t an easy road. “There have been starts and stops, there have been wars, there have been disruptions of all kinds, but the team persevered and they finally saw the work brought to completion.”

Kurdistan is “a sensitive part of the world that’s difficult to work in,” explained Combrink. Since the region is made up of pieces of several countries, he thinks this new translation [in the Sorani dialect of Kurdish] will help the Kurds feel a sense of identity and camaraderie.

“Bible translation is obviously tied up in language and culture—you can’t separate one from the other,” said Combrink. “It forms people’s sense of identity.”

“Relationships are key in any kind of work that we do, especially in sensitive parts of the world,” said Combrink. Kurdistan’s conflicts and religious context certainly qualifies, which is why Biblica teams worked side-by-side with indigenous translators instead of simply shipping copies in from somewhere offsite.

» Read full story and a related story which adds that this Sorani Kurdish Bible translation is also now available on YouVersion and BibleGateway, providing access for those who can’t afford, don’t have access to, or can’t read printed Bibles (Biblica).

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