BOOK: An Asian Harvest

Source: Asia Harvest and Monarch Books

An Asian Harvest, by Paul Hattaway. Monarch Books, 2017. 320 pages.

Paul Hattaway was a high-school dropout from New Zealand—homeless, hungry, and lonely—before he found faith. But once he encountered the love of God and read the Bible, Paul never looked back. The rest of his life has centered on making sure all the people of Asia have Bibles of their own.

His ministry, Asia Harvest, has provided more than ten million Bibles to persecuted Christians in China alone and sponsored hundreds of Asian missionaries. Directed by God to stop speaking and focus on writing, Paul researched and wrote the books Operation China, Peoples of the Buddhist World, Back to Jerusalem, The Heavenly Man, and more.

Though this book communicates the vision of Asia Harvest well, it does what the most effective mission biographies seem to do best: It focuses on Paul’s spiritual journey. Even readers who have never been to Asia or supported work there can find inspiration for their own lives in Paul’s story.

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