World News Briefs


  1. AZERBAIJAN: Dreaming for Muslims to Believe in Christ
  2. GAMBIA: No Longer an Islamic Republic
  3. MYANMAR: Study Shows High Incidence of Suicide among Refugees
  4. TURKEY: The Malatya Murders and Ten Years of Forgiveness

…and lots of links to more!

iraq-smile A group of Iraqi Christians lined up to travel several hours so they could celebrate Easter in their own church, damaged by the fighting. Read their story (Open Doors).


There are some exciting things afoot in the here-but-not-yet Kingdom! Explore how networks are changing the shape of world mission (Mission Frontiers) and read about the once-a-generation gathering of European students to celebrate the Resurrection (Evangelical Focus).

Partner with the Moroccan church by praying for a very timely need: Moroccan Christians sent a letter to their prime minister calling on authorities to take the necessary steps to ensure Christian basic rights like freedom of worship. Pray also for the Church in Turkey; watch the video mentioned in a related story below.

If, like me, you don’t want the Easter holiday to end, learn about Eastertide or join Eastern Christians in observing Pentecostarion. I plan to incorporate the vision of the International Day for the Unreached into these new-to-me holiday seasons. Got ideas on how to do this well? Let me know.


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